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Mr. Joel Isava Chairman of Bridge Control Services Limited

As an active Marine Pilot at the Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association, he effectively manages his time to ensure corporate success. He began his merchant marine career in 1990 with Harrison Line of Liverpool, UK. He attained his Class II/I FGN Certificate of Competency, after attending the University of Southampton, UK.

Mr.Isava holds a Master of Science in Maritime Management, and has over 20 years of maintenance management experience, working with local & international customers, on a range of vessel types. In keeping with the knowledge requirements for his position, Mr. Isava has represented the company at various global maritime conferences seminars, and successfully completed specific international training, relevant to his current portfolio:

  • Mechanical & Electronic, Technician level certification (Toromont, Canada).
  • Water Jet Technician Certification (Seattle, WA).
  • Helm Connect Advanced Training (Nashville, TN).
  • Effective Corporate Governance (Arthur Lok Jack GSB, Trinidad).
  • Finance & Taxation certification (UWI, Barbados).

His detailed knowledge in the small marine craft space, allows for bespoke management of the operational, engineering & maintenance departments. He continues to keep abreast of relevant emergent technologies and modern business practices. He is also an active member of the Royal Institute of Navigation.

In addition to advising the Board of Directors on technical matters, he actively supports and actions other cohesive contributions from fellow directors and colleagues.

Mr. Anthony Wall Director at Bridge Control Services Limited

Mr. Anthony Wall was appointed a Director at Bridge Control Services Limited in November, 2017. He holds the portfolio of Director with responsibility for HSE and Quality. He is a Marine Pilot by profession and has worked in this capacity at the Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association since 2014. Prior to his career as a Marine Pilot, he gained more than seven years’ seafaring experience having started as a cadet in 2006 and rising to the rank of Second Officer.  

Mr. Wall holds a Class II/I Certificate of Competency, (Unlimited Foreign Going) from South Tyneside College in the United Kingdom with endorsements in petroleum and gas. He also holds a Diploma in Maritime Operations from the University of Trinidad and Tobago and is also a qualified safety officer. He possesses the following additional certification in the field of safety:

  • Certificate in Introduction to OSH Training
  • Certificate in Introduction to Safety Management
  • Certificate in Effective Safety Committee Operations
  • Hazard Analysis Control
  • Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

Following the recent success in the Oil and Gas sector by neighboring countries such as Guyana and Suriname, Mr. Wall has updated his skill set by successfully completed a Certificate in FPSO and a Diploma in Surveying of Offshore Units from the Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.

Mr. Wall has also attended Corporate Governance training, Effective Organizational Wellness Programme and Effective Management and Work Place Risk training facilitated by the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business during his tenure as Director.

Mr. Allistair Van Sertima Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association

Mr. Allistair Van Sertima joined the Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association in January 2015 after serving aboard various LNG and LPG tankers, in various capacities operated by British Gas, Golar LNG and Exmar Ship Management. He has also served aboard locally owned and operated Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV) in the capacity of Captain, which service Trinidad and Tobago’s North and East coast oil and gas fields. He was also one of the first candidates to successfully graduate from the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Maritime programme

Mr. Van Sertima joined BCSL as an ordinary shareholder in April 2017, and was elected to serve upon the Board of Directors of Bridge Control Services Limited at its 16th AGM. Mr. Van Sertima is committed to continuously furthering his professional skill set, and currently holds a Master’s of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with distinction, in Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with a specialized elective in Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) from the Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK). This certification has allowed him to meaningfully contribute to BCSL in areas of:

  • Marketing Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Development and Sustainability
  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management

Mr. Allistair Van Sertima joined the Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association in January 2015 after serving aboard various LNG and LPG tankers, in various capacities operated by British Gas, Golar LNG and Exmar Ship Management.

  • Effective Corporate Governance (Arthur Lok Jack GSB, T&T)
  • Developing an Organizational Wellness Programme (Arthur Lok Jack GSB, T&T)
  • Company Secretary Drafting Skills – Drafting Minutes, Resolution and Other Corporate Documents (Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute, T&T)

Mr. Kriston Hackett Maritime professional with a Certificate of Competency

Mr. Kriston Hackett is a maritime professional with a Certificate of Competency (COC) Class 2/2 (Master Mariner Unlimited) issued by the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island. He commenced his seagoing career in 2002 at the Caribbean Maritime Institute, Jamaica and has sailed on Container vessels, Ro-ro Passenger vessels and High Speed Craft. He also has membership status with the Nautical Institute and is an Associate Fellow.


In June 2012, Mr. Hackett joined the Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association in the capacity of Apprentice Pilot and has since accumulated eleven (11) years of piloting experience. About four years later, in January 2016, he was appointed a director on the Board of Bridge Control Services Limited (BCSL). Later that year, he also assumed command of the High-Speed Craft T&T Spirit, thereby assisting the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with master services for the inter-island ferry bridge.

Mr. Hackett is committed to his continuous professional development as he has been pursuing programmes to enhance his competence in both the maritime and business fields. In 2011, he obtained a Diploma in Small Craft Surveying from Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and in 2016 he obtained a Train the Trainer Certificate from Author Lok Jack Global School of Business (ALJ GBS). He has also completed Corporate Governance Training, Taxation 101 and Finance for non-finance directors at the ALJ GSB. His most recent accomplishments are the completion of the ISM Lead Auditor Course from the Nautical Institute and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Suffolk; he is now looking forward to his graduation. The Master programme has made him developed a greater appreciation for good leadership and management, business ethics, balancing internal and external stakeholders’ interests and managing the softer human issues. The programme had a strategic focus which covered Marketing, Finance, Organizational Behaviour, Change Management, Project Management and Consultancy Management. The knowledge gained has definitely build his competencies in management and leadership. Mr. Hackett is very passionate about the maritime industry, particularly youth advancement in the maritime field. He is a mentor to many young people, to whom he provides valuable insights into a rewarding career at sea. He takes great pleasure in guiding and supporting those who have chosen a career path in the maritime industry. He enjoys sharing his industry knowledge by tutoring a range of courses approved by the Maritime Services Division and by offering marine consultancy services to several local governmental bodies. In his leisure time he enjoys playing and watching football, reading articles, exercising and socializing with close relatives and friends.