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Other Services

Additionally, we have diversified our service offer to leverage the expertise of our directorship and staff in the following areas: consultancy/advisory, emergency response, crewing and manning, mooring boat operations, private water taxi, dry-docking and maintenance management of vessels.

• Consultancy/Advisory – Our Directorship possesses merchant marine certification, competence and experience in the maritime industry at both the operational and managerial levels. In that regard, we leverage these credentials to provide consultancy services to third parties in an effort to meet their specific scope of works.

• Crewing and manning – as the owner and operator of a fleet of 11 vessels, a critical component of our service is the crewing of the fleet with competent and experienced personnel. Since the inception of our organisation, we have grown our establishment to have a present crew of 24 persons. We have established rigorous recruitment and rostering practices and training programmes to continuously develop our crew and efficiently man our fleet. We can extend such expertise to third parties based on our experience and credentials in fleet management and crewing.

• Line handling and mooring boat operations – we currently provide line handling services to moor/unmoor ships at specific ports in Trinidad. The service involves the safe transportation of mooring personnel with the ship’s lines to the point of mooring. Such service is important to ensure that the ship is properly and safely moored to allow for commencement of cargo handling operation.

• Dry Docking and maintenance management of vessels – a critical support service for our core value adding activity of marine transportation is the dry-docking and maintenance management of the fleet. This ensures that our vessels are available, reliable and safe for the provision of service to our customers. We have a maintenance team of 9 competent and experienced engineers, technicians and tradesmen. We can extend such expertise to third parties based on the experience and credentials in the provision of maintenance management of a fleet of 11 vessels.